The Sixsters’ Signature Flag Auction

April 28, 2024

Hello, dear Fans, Friends & Listeners,

we wanted to share some exciting news with all of you! You may remember when we had the opportunity to meet Uriah Heep? Well, during that unforgettable encounter, we were fortunate enough to not only get their autographs on our Ukrainian flag but also have the band Saxon sign it as well. It’s become quite a special piece for us, and we’ve decided to auction it off. 

Imagine, dear friends, the honor of owning such a relic of music history. A flag adorned with the signatures of two titans of rock, each stroke of the pen a testament to the power of music to unite hearts and transcend borders.  This flag could find a new home with one of you and the proceeds will go a long way in supporting our upcoming projects. We’re working on new music videos, getting some vinyl produced, and creating fresh merchandise. 

If you’re interested, the starting bid for the flag is 500 Euros, with increments of 50 Euros for subsequent bids.
And, of course, If you would like to, we would be also very glad to leave our signatures on Ukrainian flag.

We genuinely appreciate all the support you’ve given us. It means a lot and helps us keep our music journey going.

Warm regards,

The Sixsters