The Sixsters flag

February 19, 2024

Introducing to your attention a unique lot – the first flag of The Sixsters, which has accompanied the musicians throughout their journey since the inception of the collective. This flag is a symbol of history, creativity, and passion that inspires fans worldwide.

The starting price for this exclusive artifact is 200 euros. You have a unique opportunity to become the owner of something more than just an item – you will become a part of the history of music, encapsulated in this flag.

This auction is not only a chance to acquire a unique item but also an opportunity to support the creative endeavors of the band. The funds raised in this auction will be directed towards the production of a new music video, which promises to be truly epic.

If you share our passion for music but do not wish to participate in the auction, we would be grateful for any support. You can make a donation to our PayPal: [email protected].

Don’t miss the chance to become the owner of this unique item and contribute to the world of musical art!