Kate’s Broken Snare Plastic

July 08, 2024

Hello, dear friends, fans and listeners!

We have a special purpose for this auction. All proceeds will be donated to the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Ukraine, which specializes in treating children with cancer. This hospital was attacked on July 8th in Kyiv, and your bid will help support their critical work.

We’re featuring a truly unique piece: Kate’s Broken Snare Plastic. You might be wondering what happened – well, it’s a crazy story!

On Saturday, July 6, The Sixsters took the stage at the Bochum Total festival. Kate used her trusty Fame snare as usual. But she played with such incredible energy and passion that she broke the plastic during the fourth song of the set list. It was a bit of a tense moment to say the least! Luckily, the drummer from another band lent Kate a snare drum for the rest of the concert. Can you imagine his excitement after that? ????

This moment only underscores the intense commitment and energy Kate brings to every performance. It’s really incredible!

Now we offer you the chance to own this piece of history. The starting price is 100 euros. If you want Kate’s Broken Snare plastic, don’t delay, place your bid!

Good luck and happy trading!