Exclusive Concert: Join Us for a Special Musical Experience!

January 01, 2024

Hello everyone! What a wonderful news we have for you! We are making a concert on 13th of January at 17:00 (Essen, DE) for our families and for our close fans! We will perform our old songs and the new ones from the second album (releasing this February), and… from the third album! This will be very exclusive and you can be the one who may hear all of this live!

As you may recall, we were doing a questionnaire about how much would you spend to come over to our concert. Based on your feedback, the starting price for tickets is 50€. But Attention! Only the last seven highest bidders will be invited to our concert! The reason behind establishing the concert’s price is due to the necessity of covering the rental expenses for the venue.

P.S. Plus, a bonus: an exclusive studio excursion is included! Don’t miss this chance to experience our music live.  Bid now!