The Sixsters Gift a Guitar to a Dreamer

December 10, 2023

We brought light into the life of a young man, the son of a fallen hero, who dreamed of having his own guitar. Impressed by his determination to learn to play the guitar, we decided to gift him our very own Fame concert guitar, bringing his dream closer to reality.

Sonia Sotnik – radio ROKS, shared this story with us. Her words on the importance of support and the unique power of music served as the catalyst for this generous gift. “Stories like this remind us of how crucial it is to be kind and attentive to each other. Music unites us, and this story is a beautiful confirmation of how much it can impact our lives”

The young man shared his feelings: “I’m learning to play the guitar. It means a lot to me. Not everything comes easy, but I’m trying. Every day, I play again and again to make the sound perfect. Maybe I won’t become a guitarist, but I just want to play…”

We, The Sixsters, attentive to the story of this young man and his passion for music, felt that this moment deserved our support. By gifting him our own Fame guitar, we not only contributed to his musical dreams but also created an indescribable sense of community and warmth in this heartfelt gesture, one that will forever remain in the memory of the young musician.