July 16, 2023

It went well for the band from the Kiev area. In the spring of 2022, they were supposed to go on a stadium tour as support, but the Russian war of aggression destroyed all plans. The musicians left their homeland, got back together and released a strong album with ‘I’m Gonna Be’.

Maria (voc, g), Anna (g), Polina (b), Katya (dr) and Maya (kb) have been living in Germany and Switzerland for about a year. With the songs on the ‘I’m Gonna Be’ already released in December, the Sixsters revive the punk pop and emocore of the 90s and 00s and go really forward – with hearty drums, compressed to dragged basses, punk guitars, Maria’s powerful voice and sharp background choirs. In addition, a piano, keyboards and other electronic sounds also set accents.

The emotional range ranges from the angry ‘Fucking Life’ to the melancholic ‘Happiness’ to the beautiful acoustic number ‘Hold’. Their energetic attitude and creativity are also reflected in the opulent video for the title track, in which the musicians move spooky like puppets and look like characters from a Tim Burton movie with white make-up faces and in a shrill outfit. It is really admirable how the band continues its path despite the ongoing war. We talked to singer and guitarist Maria and the second guitarist Anna.

It must be hard for you in the face of this terrible war in your country.

The band was founded in 2018, how did you get to know each other?


(Bild: Arnd Müller)