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December 03, 2022

They are all still at school. This does not stop them from playing hard punk rock that is already very grown up. All five “Sixsters” are experts on their instruments. On the 17th In December, the Ukrainian All Girl band will rock the stage in the Carl colliery.

The band was founded in Kiev in 2018 and played over 40 shows, including major festivals. Due to the Russian attack, the girls had to flee. On the way on foot, by car, by train. Days of uncertainty, anxious waiting at borders, then the arrival in Germany. Worries about the family members who stayed in Ukraine. Some personnel changes have not detracted from the high quality

The 16-year-old rhythm guitarist and lead singer Maria speaks for everyone: “We thank Germany, we thank the city of Essen that we can live in peace and make our music.” They are also very grateful to Peter Petersen, who gives them the chance to refine their performance in his Future Campus Ruhr. Drummer Kate (14), keyboardist Maya (13) and bassist Polina (14) nod. Lead guitarist Anja (18) lives in Switzerland.