June 15, 2024

The Sixsters created an unforgettable Birthday Surprise for little fan Lilly

On June 15th, 2024, The Sixsters held an Album Release Concert in honor of their latest album, “To be continued…”. This event in Essen was marked by high energy, incredible music, and a heartwarming surprise that left one young fan, Lilly, with memories to last a lifetime.

A special moment for Lilly

Among the crowd was nine-year-old Lilly, a devoted fan of The Sixsters who had attended many of their shows across Germany. Coincidentally, the concert fell on Lilly’s birthday. Recognizing her dedication and wanting to make her day extra special, The Sixsters orchestrated a touching surprise for their young fan.

During the concert, The Sixsters paused their set and invited Lilly, along with her parents Peter and Mia, onto the stage. As the audience watched in anticipation, the band members congratulated Lilly on her birthday. Together with the entire crowd, they sang a joyous rendition of “Happy Birthday,” filling the venue with warmth and cheer.

A Gift from the Heart

The highlight of the evening came when The Sixsters presented Lilly with a brand-new, cool bike. The surprise and delight on Lilly’s face were palpable, creating a magical moment that underscored the band’s connection with their fans.

Lilly’s birthday celebration added an extra layer of emotion and joy to an already exhilarating evening. The Sixsters’ gesture not only made Lilly’s day but also resonated with the audience, showcasing the band’s genuine care for their fans. The event was filled with electrifying performances from their new album, but it was this act of kindness that truly made the night unforgettable.