Ukrainian punk-rockers!
The Sixsters opened the Woodsies stage at Glastonbury!

Members of the band:

Maria – (vocals, rhythm guitar) – professional vocalist.
She’s grown up in a family of professional musicians, which left her
no chance to do other things except for music.
Large vocal range and unique timbre with
its’ variety enable her to express her tremendous vocal possibilities.
Moreover, Maria’s confident voice control pairs perfectly
her vocals with rhythm guitar parts in the songs.

Katya (drums) – born in Simferopol.
She is the basis of the rhythm in the band.
She is a unique and highly professional drummer.
For her age, Katya has already gained a huge
authority in the music sphere while being recognized
by famous drummers and the other musicians all over the world.

Maya – (keyboards, backing vocals) – Born in Boyarka.
She is in the band since the first day of the foundation.
She is a professional keyboard player.
Maya is such an energetic and positive girl
that everyone in the band calls her “Battery girl”. 

Anna (solo guitar) – Born in Poltava.
She has joined the band quite unexpectedly
and stays with “The Sixsters” since that day. 

Polina – (bass, backing vocals) – Born in Luhansk.
She is the quietest member of the group despite being the bass player.
But this does not prevent her from playing the bass guitar.
Bright and kind child.