Album Release Concert

June 15, 2024

In June 2024, The Sixsters took the stage in Essen, Donnerberg, to celebrate a significant milestone in their musical journey – the release of their latest album, “To be continued…”. This concert was not just a performance but a heartfelt dedication to the band’s evolution and the shared experiences that have shaped their music. Released in March 2024, “To be continued…” marks a pivotal moment in The Sixsters’ career, reflecting their growth, resilience, and unwavering bond.

The album “To be continued…” is more than a collection of songs; it is a testament to the band’s journey through life’s various phases and challenges. As the members of The Sixsters matured, so did their music, evolving to encompass a broader range of emotions and experiences. This album symbolizes the band’s reunion and the rekindling of their shared passion, evoking feelings of happiness, hope, and faith in one another and their collective purpose.

“For me, this album is a mixture of emotions. Each song has a unique story based on life experiences. And with this, we want to help people who go through the same situations to overcome them. We believe that our music gives people happiness and enriches their lives, filling it with bright sounds and colors that are heard in the songs,” says lead vocalist Mariia.

The Album Release Concert in Essen was a spectacular event that captivated the audience with its dynamic performances and emotional depth. The Sixsters delivered a balanced and magnificent sound, bringing each song to life with vivid and colorful imagery that unfolded as the music played.

During the concert, the drums provided an explosive rhythm, the bass added groove and depth, the guitars filled the space with rich textures, and the keyboard melodies were both memorable and enchanting. Of course, the vocal parts stood out, compelling the audience to sing along. The synergy between the band members was palpable, creating an immersive musical experience.

“What a wonderful feeling it is to share something that you were creating for a year with the audience in one day! That’s unbelievable! The emotions just reach you because it’s such a long-awaited moment! I was very glad to perform it finally live in front of our lovely and favorite fans! And I saw the people’s reactions, which gave me even more energy to perform our 2-hour set!” remarks drummer Kate.

In addition to performing tracks from “To be continued…”, The Sixsters delighted the audience with hits from their previous album, “I’m gonna be”, and even offered a sneak peek into their third album. This blend of old favorites and new material showcased the band’s versatility and hinted at the exciting musical directions they are exploring.